Nick Hughes

Opinion Editor

The Star Wars community is in an uproar right now, and for an odd reason. There have been videos by various YouTubers about the Solo: A Star Wars story poster. In these videos, YouTubers claim that the posters have been changed. This is not the case. The posters that look different are international posters intended for Brazil. In the American posters, Han Solo is shown wielding a blaster, but in the Brazil posters, he is not holding a blaster.

Why is this an issue? That is my question for this whole situation. According to speculation from ScreenRant, an entertainment website for movies, Lucasfilm had a different poster for Brazil to convey a family friendly tone that the country needs. There has been speculation that Disney changed the poster to accommodate a liberal agenda. That statement is wrong, and it is unwise to assume that Disney would do that.

What I have an issue with is that various YouTubers did not do the necessary research to figure out what was going on. They saw an article that stated that the original poster was changed and jumped straight to making a response video to get clicks. YouTube is a place that a good number of people get their information on various topics. This includes Star Wars amongst other pop culture subjects. It is irresponsible for YouTubers to use their platform and do this kind of video.

This is not limited to just Star Wars either; it can be said for a lot of topics that YouTubers cover. It is easy for information to get out that is false when it comes to issues like this. A case can be made for this by looking at the Solo poster controversy. There should not be any controversy about this, but because various entities did not take the time to do research and fact check, information that was false got out. This would not be a big issue, save for the fact that YouTube is such a large social media platform.

A couple of the channels uploaded videos on the 24th of March to issue corrections to what they originally said, but the damage was already done by the first videos.  That is the issue that a lot of people are running into as of late. We need to be vigilant because of this. Sites like InfoWars and Breitbart are perpetuating false, or at the very least, skewed information. It is dangerous to not verify what we read, watch, and consume as American citizens.

If we are as a society going to become consumed by alternative facts we need to become able to discern alternative facts from actual facts. What the YouTubers did was not wrong, it was just misguided and hasty. I am happy that some of them put out videos saying that they were wrong, but like I said earlier, the damage was already done.

Alternative facts and Star Wars is not something that I thought I would ever have to write about, but here I am. I encourage you all to remain vigilant and to remember that you must fact check your sources and verify what you read. It may take some time, but it is something that you must do to protect yourselves. Stay informed, Millersville.