Nick Hughes

Opinion Editor

A new store opened in Lancaster this week. FarboCo is a game store that specializes in table-top games, trading card games, and various other types of games. Located on East King St. in Lancaster City, right across from the King St. garage. It is a place that Millersville students can come to hang out and enjoy some gaming and coffee.

FarboCo is currently opened from Wednesday to Sunday, and they are testing hours to see what works best. They are doing a soft opening right now and the grand opening is May 4. It is symbolic to many due to that date being Star Wars day, but the convention Zenkaikon is also that weekend.

James Farbo, owner of FarboCo is a veteran gamer and has knowledge and experience in many games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Star Wars: X-Wing, Star Wars armada, as well as some video games. He has played Street Fighter for a long time and is toying with the idea of having video game consoles in the store as well.

Upon entering the store, visitors can find all kinds of different products for purchase. There are also several games sitting out that visitors can demo. There are board games, trading card games, toys, and other types of geeky stuff to look at and buy. One of the prominent card games, Magic the Gathering, is sold at FarboCo.

Farbo is looking to get sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast for Magic events. Magic is a popular trading card game and has a club here at Millersville University. The trading card game features events across the country called Friday Night Magic, and Farbo says that Magic players will find places to play. He wants them to play in Lancaster at his store. Formats that are played include commander, modern, legacy, and many others.

The store has a casual feel to it as well and members of the gaming community are already organizing events to take place at FarboCo. There will be a Dungeons and Dragons learning day on the 22 of April, for example. FarboCo is also looking for interested parties to play a game called Gloom Haven at this time.

Millersville students can get to FarboCo with ease. All they must do is take the Red Rose Transit bus to Lancaster, get off the bus at the Fulton Bank stop and walk less than a quarter mile to get to FarboCo.

Farbo is working on his trade-in policy currently, but that will be something he is looking to do at some point in the future. Along with that future event, the store will be hosting Rebel Cause Lancaster for a day of fandom dedicated to Star Wars. Kaden Stetler, head of Rebel Cause is friends with Farbo and is looking forward to the event on April 22.

FarboCo is a comfy store that many of the gaming community will come to love. It has an atmosphere of acceptance and competition. It will be a thrill for the community to see what this store can do.