Dance Team places fourth in Vegas

PHOTO COURTESY OF MEGAN WEBB Junior Megan Webb (fifth on right) and the rest of the Millersville Dance Team pose with their trophy they won for 4th place.

Brenden Curry 
Sports Editor

If you recall seeing a group of girls dancing at halftime during football season, that same group of girls danced their way to fourth place at the Dance Team Union’s College Classic in Las Vegas, Nevada last week.

The Millersville University Dance Team is a student-run club sport on campus that performs that university activities throughout the school year. From home football games to community events like the homecoming parade, the dance team has made their mark here on campus.

“MUDT offers students the ability to dance throughout their college careers, make lifelong friends and impact the campus in a positive way,” Junior VP Megan Webb explained about the organization.

Millersville scored an 85.3 in the open jazz competition. Fullerton College received first place with a score of 90.8.

Webb stated that finishing in 4th place at a national competition validates the team’s hard work and dedication this season. Placing fourth at a national competition was a huge accomplishment for the team.

Members of the Millersville dance team are no strangers to traveling for national competitions to represent the University. Last year, the team competed in NDA Nationals at Daytona Beach.

This year the team wanted to experience a new competition and chose to participate in Dance Team Union’s College Classic.

“This competition in Las Vegas gave us a new opportunity to showcase our talents,” Webb commented.

Stenroos stated that she and her teammates got to choose whether they wanted to be on the competition team. Girls on the team volunteered based on their schedules. Seven members travel to Las Vegas to represent the Millers will dance team.The fourth-place finish is the best result MUDT has ever earned in competition. This season, in particular, posed a lot of challenges for their nationals’ team and placing top four was a huge accomplishment.

“Its such a great thing,” sophomore Penny Stenroos said. “The girls worked so hard and put their hearts into It and they showed that they are amazing and I’m so happy for them!”

The song that the team chose to dance to in their routine was “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato. according to Webb, the team chose the song because of how the lyrics were personally relatable to everyone on the team.

The routine was choreographed by one of the team’s former captain Sara Callie and current club president Maria Acquarola. Although the entire team gave input, they created the concept and majority of the dance themselves.

“Every year, our team continues to grow in talent and technique,” Webb mentioned. “I truly believe that this year was just the beginning of many successful competitions for the Millersville University Dance Team.

Web will serve as president of the Millersville dance team next semester. She hopes that the team’s recent success at this competition would positively affect recruitment for next season. “ We are always looking for new talent to add to our team, and I hope dancers committing to Millersville will consider trying out,” Webb commented. “ We are constantly promoting ourselves on social media, but I hope that placing at a national competition will spike our overall interest to perspective members.”

Even though the part of the season where practicing and competing for nationals, the dance team still has events on campus. They will host a Showcase Event on Sunday, April 29 at 3 PM in the multipurpose room of the Student Memorial Center. The Showcase is a dance recital where the team will perform their dance routines they perform throughout the school year.

Tryouts for next year will occur on Sunday, May 6 at the fitness center dance studio beginning at 3 PM. Webb stated tryouts will be their last event before the summer break and gives the team a chance to prepare for next semester.

“This year’s achievements validated all the team’s hard work and motivates us to compete even better next year,” Webb stated.