Travel Destinations: Pennsylvania

Photo courtesy Patrick Clemens.

Patrick Clemens

Staff Writer

Much like New York, Pennsylvania is a large state that contains many distinct geographic areas and has a lot to see and do, no matter what your goals are. Pennsylvania is the second state on our journey known as a “commonwealth.” In the east, Philadelphia sits as a historic American city, and the site where our young nation had its start. Philadelphia is a history-lover’s dream with the liberty bell and classic battleships to visit. South central Pennsylvania is home to one of the most unique communities in the United States, the Amish. The Amish are a secluded group of people that live “off-the-grid” by not using electricity, speaking their own language (a German-English hybrid), and maintaining a highly traditional agrarian lifestyle. Northeast PA houses the Pocono mountains, a wonderful place for winter sports and a popular local resort area. The resorts stand in stark contrast to the remnants of “coal country” where small towns based on coal mining show the toll of an era becoming bygone. Central and Western Pennsylvania provide gorgeous scenic drives through an array of mountain ranges, with Pittsburgh hiding amongst them. Pittsburgh is a gorgeous city at the junction of three rivers, and its unique geography and culture make it worth the visit (get a Primanti Bros sandwich, thank me later). Rounding out Pennsylvania is its coastline along Lake Erie, with the City of Erie being the coastal hub. The shoreline here is small compared to others, but the scenery does not disappoint.