Kaylee Rex
Arts and Culture Editor

Senior Art and Design major, Maggie Smith showcased her project that she started at the beginning of the semester for Made in Millersville. With the help of the employees at Make717, her faculty mentor, Professor Nancy Mata, and Learning Technologies Librarian, Greg Szczyrbak, she 3D printed a dress.

“I love fashion and I love learning new and innovative ways that art and fashion come together,” says Smith. They printed all the pieces to the dress separately, which took anywhere from 4 to 18 hours for an individual piece, and then Smith had to figure out how to connect the pieces. After experimenting with a few different methods, she finally found a way to put it together. Between researching, printing and reprinting pieces, and assembling, they spent about 1100 hours on this project.

“We all learned a lot from the experience,” says Szczyrak.