Nick Hughes 

Opinion Editor

In the year 2013, a convention came to Lancaster. Zenkaikon made its first appearance at the Lancaster City convention center in 2013 and has had the convention there ever since. The year is now 2018 and Zenkaikon is once again upon Lancaster. It will be taking place May 4 – 6, 2018 and there is an expected attendance of around 15,000 people.

Zenkaikon started in the year 2006 when two conventions came together and formed Zenkaikon. Those two being the Kosaikon and Zentrancon. Over the years Zenkaikon has rapidly gained recognition and moved to various venues across south east Pennsylvania. The convention has been at the Lancaster County convention center since 2013. Lancaster is a great place for Zenkaikon to take place; due to the central location that it has.

The convention will many actors, actresses, performing arts groups music groups, and cosplay groups. The guest list also features a cosplaying dog called Corgi Cosplay. While pre-registration is now closed for Zenkaikon, at door passes will be sold for various prices. The three-day pass will be on sale for 60 dollars, while the two days and one day pass will sell for 50 and 25 dollars respectively.

There will be various panels for guests to attend. Including various panels looking at the anime. Manga community, there will be open table top RPG games as well as video game tournaments. There will also be anime screenings and autograph signings.

There will be a lot of cosplayers there as well. They will not only be at the convention, but cosplayers will be out in full force exploring the city of Lancaster.