Congrats, Grads! Kyle Brady

Kyle Brady


During the spring semester of my sophomore year, I made the decision to become a sports journalism major. All of the faculty and advisors told me that I should join the Snapper if I was serious about improving my writing skills. Once summer had passed, I came into my junior year ready to put myself out there and write for Millersville’s student-run newspaper. I attended the first few meetings and very uncharacteristically made comments about how the paper could improve. The Sports Editor at the time, Dan Zalewski, asked me after a meeting if I would like to join the Snapper staff as the Associate Sports Editor, which I almost immediately accepted. I spent my first semester learning from Dan and was told that I was going to become the Sports Editor in Spring of 2017. Becoming the Sports Editor was a great experience since I was able to create my own layouts and improve upon my design skills. Fortunately, in my first semester as Sports Editor, I had a plethora of writers which meant that I rarely had to write articles to fill up space.  However, in my second and final semester as Sports Editor, I was one of the editors who had to write most of their sections content as well as work on the layout. By the time the Fall 2017 semester ended, I was ready to take on a bigger role, so I decided to run for Editor-In-Chief. As the Editor-In-Chief, I was given more responsibility behind the scenes. Instead of designing layouts, I was now in charge of the day-to-day operations that helped the Snapper move onward. If I learned anything from my time at the Snapper is that it is never too late to improve on your craft, as well as believing in myself in roles that are new. I look forward to seeing where the Snapper heads as I turn my attention to the “real world.” The Snapper was a great resource for a college student like me to utilize. I know that the skills I learned from being an editor and Editor-In-Chief will no doubt help me when I begin my career as a sports journalist.

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