President Wubah’s first State of the University

Jared Hameloth
News Editor

Dr. Daniel Wubah gave his first State of the University Address on Friday Sept. 7. Surrounded by faculty and staff in Clair Performance Hall, Wubah began by thanking the the audience, but also specifically his predecessor Dr. John Anderson “for his generosity of time and assistance during my transition to this role.”

He then began talking about the strengths of the University for the year: strong enrollment of almost 2,000 new students, almost $20 million in scholarships and grants awarded to students, and the sustainability initiative’s addition of the Lombardo Center.

Wubah touted many other aspects of the university, thanking and inspiring the faculty with the progress they have made.

He gave them a challenge as well; he asked if they would inspire and continue to develop programs that will prepare students for the future. “We need to prepare students for jobs that don’t even exist today,” he said regarding his mission.

Throughout the convocation, Wubah congratulated and inspired those in the audience. He ended his address with “Together we will pursue this goal strategically, systematically and unapologetically.”