Alexander Bershtein

Inside the Student Memorial Center, the Smoothie Bar of Millersville University is gaining some new recipes. These smoothies, called Lifestyle Shakes, will begin their time on the menu on Friday, the 21st of September, and will all be showcased through the medium of free sampling from 10am-2pm. As the semester progresses their permanence will be dependent on their popularity.

For students concerned about their favorite smoothies being discarded, there is no worry. The new additions are only that, and not replacements. Even if the new smoothie’s popularity outshines any of the original recipes they are here to stay. The lead of food service at the smoothie bar, Karen Rockey, assured, “I have hard time deciding what to take off because I don’t have any that don’t sell.”

The new additions are held to healthier demand, and all have less than 300 calories, less than 20 grams in sugar, and more than 20 grams of protein provided through vanilla whey. The base of the smoothies will primarily be unsweetened almond milk, which will be mixed with either fresh or freeze-dried fruit, but changes can be made to the student’s preferences. In contrast, the older smoothies are made with purees, and because they are processed they have additional sugars.

The day of sampling will be hosted by the creators and owners of the recipes, Performance Food Centers. They will able to be there giving out the samples and answer questions of concern by students. In total there will five additions. The first is a banana and vanilla concoction simply called Banilla. Secondly, Pineapple Shredder is a mixture of pineapple, coconut, and banana. Third, Razzle Dazzle will contain raspberries, banana, and vanilla. Fourth, Skinny Delight will contain banana and PB Lite. Lastly, The Caffeinator is a blend of espresso beans, Colombian coffee, a supplement called Get Energized, and is a healthier version of an older recipe, The Java Jolt.

New smoothies are coming to Millersville and overall students get a chance to decide the menu for the coming semesters. It will be a long standing taste test for the campus residents.