Zoe Berrier

                Living on a college campus is great, and there is a lot of convenience to the lifestyle, but along with that can come a sort of ‘campus fever’ if you will. Often, it feels like you are held captive, especially since many students don’t have their own cars. One great thing about Millersville is that the campus is located just a short drive or bus ride away from downtown Lancaster, which has an array of events and sights to see.

                Is there another way to spend a Saturday morning than in the city with friends? A popular spot to stop is Rachel’s Café and Creperie located on Walnut street. Parking can usually be found with a little bit of effort and expect a wait if going on a Saturday morning! However, the wait will be worth it once the food arrives. The café has a large variation of crepes, salads, smoothies, and a few extras anyone would enjoy. They also offer text alerts for when your table is ready, which means you can take a stroll up the road and check out some of the nearby shops.

Next, swing by the central market, pick up some local honey, or even better, fudge! There is often a lot going on here, and you may even see some live performance art!

Finally, explore. Use this as an opportunity to rack up some steps on your smartwatch and wander the city. There are plenty of undiscovered spots for the perfect Instagram photo, and there’s no better way to show off your new college experiences.