Kellie Keener

Staff Writer

For 50 years WIXQ has served as the voice of Millersville University providing students with the opportunity to DJ their own radio shows.

But WIXQ is more than just a college radio station. It’s also a place for people from different majors, backgrounds, and musical tastes to connect over  a love of music, and form lasting friendships.

Some students, like Leah Banzhof listened to WIXQ during high school, before getting involved once coming to Millersville.

Other students like Carl Schulz, found out about WIXQ after getting to college, looking to get involved and find a community.

“WIXQ is the reason I stayed at Millersville. WIXQ kind of gave me a purpose when I felt like I didn’t have a purpose.” Schulz said.

Nick Weissmann has similar feelings, saying about the station, “It’s given more purpose as to being here and I’ve met a lot of really cool people.”

This sense of belonging to a WIXQ community doesn’t end after graduation. Jared Eichmann was a DJ and Assistant Music Director for WIXQ before gradating in 2013, writes of WIXQ “It was like our own fraternity or sorority that we could just be ourselves in and the webbing that held us all together was music and creativity.”

Eichmann is not alone in comparing WIXQ to Greek life. Another former DJ, David Ayers wrote “WIXQ was essentially my fraternity, so to speak.”

But what’s in the cards for the next 50 years of WIXQ? Kristina Diefenderfer, the current station manager expressed a desire for more students to get involved with WIXQ, saying “I want them to find their place like I found mine here.”

Diefenderfer also wants WIXQ to continue to to expand its presence in the community by continuing to donate to charities like Music for Everyone, along with beginning to donate to the Humane Society and women’s shelters.

Former DJ’s have ideas about how they would like the station to change, including updating the station.

 “I would have loved to have seen the school take an interest in updating the equipment and helping that space stay current and relevant for students coming in with an interest in broadcasting and radio workings.” Writes Lindsey Engler.

Joyce Lewandowski, who graduated in 2005, echoed this sentiment, writing “As much as I love the nostalgia that exists in the time capsule that is WIXQ, I think you all deserve an updated space.”

Eric Gölden who graduated in 2010 hopes for even more diverse programming going forward, including bringing back “Metal Wednesday” writing, “When the planets align and the gods of heavy metal look favorable upon the people, they will unite and rise up, taking back a portion of the program grid.”

As for what things should remain the same at the station?

 “I hope the spirit of independent, student-run college radio never changes.” writes Matt Ritter, a 1992 graduate.

And no matter what renovations and updates might happen, Lewandowski writes, “Leave the door covered in stickers, though. That must always remain intact”.