Kim Petra’s new album is a ghoulishly good time

October 31, 2018

Josh Rittberg Arts and Culture Editor Lou Crossan Associate Arts and Culture Editor International recording artist, Kim Petras creates a hauntingly infectious new sound to the pop music canon in her groundbreaking Halloween themed album, . . .

Stop inserting gun narratives on tragedies

October 31, 2018

Colin Vanden Berg Head Copy Editor Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like to speak very much. I get embarrassed when I feel I I’ve spoken out of turn, and I’m incredibly conscious . . .

‘Fake News:’ Media are the enemy

October 31, 2018

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor “The media has a responsibility to set a civil tone.” This is what President Donald Trump said during a rally at Wisconsin. It might be time for Trump to take his . . .

Pyrokinesis in a crowded room

October 31, 2018

Jason Hertz Multimedia Editor The science of human communication is a constant quest for answers. New words are created by members of the public and added to languages every year by respected dictionary publishers. One . . .

Banning Straws is a good first step

October 31, 2018

Sky Meade Staff Writer As humans, we create a lot of trash, whether it’s from eating plastic-wrapped food or drinking from plastic bottles. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, each person creates about 4.4 pounds . . .

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