Nick Hughes
Opinion Editor

Jess King held a rally at Millersville University on Sept. 26 last week. At the rally she touched on subjects of interest for college students. Caleb Nauman, a Millersville student, described the rally as, “A calm and get the answer type of rally.” Nauman is the President of the College Democrats of Millersville University and was able to introduce King to the crowd at the Student Memorial Center multi-purpose room. 

Topics that King touched on include solving the college debt issue, Medicare for all, term limits for senators and representatives, and wanting to fix a broken government. King, along with other some other democratic candidates has made a name for herself by not taking PAC donations. 

King talked about the college debt issues that the country as whole has been facing and proposed various solutions on how to fix the issue from all the way up to the federal level down to the individual person. 

She stated that states should put more money into education and that the federal government can make the debt issues easier for students. They could do this taxing Wall street purchases that are made automatically. These purchases take little to no effort and is essentially making money off making money. 

Looking at Medicare, King said that it should be a human right. 

Using the Mercatus study as proof she continued by saying that the country would save money instead of losing money if the country went Medicare for all. 

The Mercatus study called: The Costs of a National Single-Payer Healthcare System states that in a long-term enactment of Medicare for All; prices for individual care would be less for the American people. 

When asked questions about various topics, both easy and hard to talk about topics, King maintained her composure and answered honestly and candidly. 

She showed respect to those who asked her questions and displayed maturity during the rally. 

King also stated that she is for term limits for Representatives and Senators. Limiting the amount of time that a congress member has will enable them to make change while they are there, but not allowing their ideas to become stagnant and outdated. Jess King feels that the American government is broken in its current state and she wants to fix that disrepair that the government has.