Abi Risser
Associate Opinion Editor

As we proceed closer to November 6, candidate signs become more and more apparent throughout communities, including Millersville University. After recent redistricting, Millersville falls under the 11th district in this coming election. The two candidates battling for the chair to congress are democrat Jess King and incumbent republican Congressman Lloyd Smucker. In the primary election, King won uncontested in the democratic party while Smucker came out on top over Chester Beiler with 58.54% of republican votes.

If you are a registered voter in district 11, Jess King is the clear optimal candidate to represent our district in congress. She is a local business owner and working mom committed to fighting for the working class, as well as supporting other issues such as women’s rights, LGBT rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, supporting veterans, supporting farmers, and helping Puerto Rico (to name a few).

King is a supporter of Obamacare since it protects Americans with pre-existing conditions, but she feels much more can be done and wants to expand the system to give everyone affordable healthcare that doesn’t ensure insurance and pharmaceutical companies are still making big profit off of our medical needs, which is the cause of a lot of the high expenses and headaches that came along with filing for insurance under Obamacare.  

Eliminating college debt is another issue King values and is committed to achieving. She would like to work towards eliminating tuition costs for public and community colleges, and addresses that even if that is not a possibility, then creating policies that would force federal funding to match what students can make in a 10-hour working week. This would cut college costs tremendously.

One of the biggest issues that contrasts the views of Congressman Smucker is gun control. King wants to eliminate mass shootings by working to ban rapid-fire assault weapons as well as bump stocks and accessories that can be added to firearms to make them deadlier. She also supports efforts to make a more extensive background check mandatory before an individual can purchase a firearm.

Finally, King would like to make politics less about the money and more about helping the American people and our democracy. Her own campaign has been funded by donors, having rejected money from big corporations. Once elected, she wants to create policies and reformation to ban political lobbying and corporate financing.

I think Jess King is the exact kind of politician we need in our government. She is fresh and not backed up or controlled by money. I feel that we can trust her promises and wants, none of it seems to be bluffs to gain the popular vote. Her perspective on issues is progressive and rooted it the need to equity. She is a good representation of what America needs in this time and climate.

For more on Jess King’s political platform, visit https://jesskingforcongress.com/featured-issues/