Skyler Meade

Staff Writer

On twitter the hashtag #HimToo started to go around a few days ago. The hashtag is claiming that no one of the male gender is safe because women can easily get away with falsely accusing men with no evidence and ruin a man’s life. It’s also supporting Kavanaugh and other men that were accused of sexual assault by making men the victim. It’s being used to shame Kavanaugh accusers and blaming them for ruining Kavanaugh’s life and distressing his wife and children, but accusing the victim of lying, because they cannot recall a traumatic experience and exact details from events that took place years ago as well. There are other hashtags being used along with #Himtoo such as #BelieveEvidenceNotGender , #ConfirmKavanaughNow and #IStandWithBrett. Anyone can be sexually assaulted male or female but going against women who are finally coming out about their abusers should not be looked down upon. This is why men and women are always so afraid to speak up about their abuse because people don’t always believe them and get accused of making things up or lying.

The reactions on twitter are pretty one sided. There are a ton of people that are for #HimToo and are tweeting about how Kavanaugh is being falsely accused and women are not to be trusted because of a “trend” of women falsely accusing men to gain empowerment. The few people tweeting against #HimToo say it’s a disgrace to #MeToo and disrespectful to the survivors of sexual abuse, which I believe to be understandable especially because #MeToo is supposed to be empowering for survivors of sexual abuse and now it’s being used against them. There’s all around not to many tweets under the #HimToo  tag yet but over time I believe that the longer the Kavanaugh case continues, more people will start to use #HimToo. I don’t think all men accused are guilty, and I don’t believe that all women accusing are telling the truth either. But, I do believe that guilty until proven innocent is the best way to go with these cases, because it ends up being a game of cat and mouse.