A spoonful above the rest: Spoon University makes debut

Zoe Berrier

Features Editor

We share it on birthdays, thanksgivings, and Christmases. We give our friends bites of our desserts. We make dinner for our partners. We all know there is nothing that brings people together more, especially college students, than food.

Alexandra Karian is a senior this year at Millersville and she hopes to do just that in her last year at the university: bring people together over food. Alex, along with her Vice President Bri Durante, have started a chapter of Spoon University on campus which is a national brand that Alex discovered through the well-known social media platform Snapchat. Realizing students with a passion for food had no outlet for their creativity, Alex began the process of founding the chapter on campus.

Before starting classes, Alex finished online courses through Spoon University to learn how to begin her own chapter. In order to become an official campus organization Alex had to start by being approved through CSIL (Center for Student Involvement and Leadership). Clubs are required to have a constitution, at least three participants in starting the club, and a faculty adviser. Alex also had to make a case for creating the club to the Student Government Association, which voted in favor of making the Spoon University official. Lastly, the club is also required to set up a Get Involved page to be a part of official campus club activities.

Food is not just a hobby for Alex, she also hopes to make it her living. “Well, I’ve always loved food,” she laughs during the interview, “Just period. I always watched food network, I was one of those kids.”

Inspired by her high school foods class, Alex decided to pursue culinary school, once she has finished her business degree with a concentration in marketing here at Millersville. She hopes some day to open her own food truck.

Alex anticipates that Spoon University can be a go-to food resource for Millersville students, but she also hopes it can become a close nit community for its members. It seems for Millersville clubs that while many students are involved, it can be hard to find one that really generates a community outside of the club as well as within it, and Alex is hoping to make Spoon University more than just a club.

On top of creating a sense of community through Spoon University, Alex also has goals for what the club will achieve this year. Some of their larger goals will be to hold a food truck festival for students on campus, hold taste testing competitions, as well as bring in local Iron Chef competition winners to teach instructional classes on cooking.

Overall, Spoon University will be a unique club to join Millersville’s large selection of extracurricular activities. If you have an interest in joining the club you can find out more through their Instagram: spoon_millersville.