Farbo Co expands its gaming universe

Farbo Co continues to create a place where lovers of all things geek can thrive. (Photo courtesy James Farbo)

Nick Hughes

Opinion Editor

Farbo Co is a store in Lancaster owned and operated by James Farbo. The store has been open for about six months now and has grown into quite the hangout place for geeks of all types.

On their website, guests of Farbo Co can find the Tower of Scheduling. This is a weekly updated calendar that tells what is happening at Farbo Co that week. Two noteworthy entries that are commonly seen are Adventures League Dungeons and Dragons (AL DnD) on Wednesday, Friday Night Magic on Friday, and EDH/ Commander tournaments on Saturday along with other events like Wine and Worbla.

The biggest attraction at Farbo Co is the weekly AL DnD. The attendance for AL was small at first, about 12 people. Nowadays, Farbo Co hosts upwards of 30 people for DnD, which is a role-playing game that is published by Wizards of the Coast. Originally created in the 1980s, DnD now has AL,  a sanctioned by Wizards play session. The way DnD is played in AL is by rules and guides provided by Wizards. There are also options to play homebrew games, where rules are advised but are not strictly adhered to. Farbo Co allows homebrew games on any day but Wednesday during AL.

To do this, just go to the store and ask for a table to play at and Farbo will give you one. Farbo is a great host and does his job magnificently. He is genuinely interested in all his customers and has created a “safe harbor” for all gamers. Another seller at Farbo Co is the Magic the Gathering Commander tournaments. These are competitive round robin tournaments. The point is to compete for booster packs and magic card promos. The tournaments have had up to 20 people attend and competition is fierce for the whole group. The store is super casual, however, and has a points system for the Commander league that is starting soon that lays out cool, inventive ways to play the game. One of the challenges is to defeat all opponents at the same time without the use of an infinite combo.

Farbo Co offers more than just AL and Commander though. There are the Paint and Take events that allows a customer to pick a mini and paint it. They are then allowed to take the mini home with them. There are many different items for sale at Farbo Co as well. This features board games, card games, deck builder games and much more. There is also a consignment program for older games and older rules books that Farbo Co takes part in.

Also, Farbo Co is starting up how-to events for various games. The most recent one was how to play Ivion, which is a card game. There have been events in the past as well where Star Wars X-Wing was taught. The same can be said for Star Wars armada and Star Wars legion.

There is something for everyone at Farbo Co. If one ever needs dice, Farbo Co is the place to go. The same can be said for cosplay supplies as well as general geeky merchandise. Farbo Co is located close to Tellus 360 and Silantra in Lancaster city. They will be happy to have any Millersville student who wants to play some games.