Mickayla Miller

Editor in Chief

What started as a passion project led to a 25-year-long scare empire more commonly known as Field of Screams.

As Halloween draws closer, part-time scare enthusiasts and horror fanatics alike find themselves going back time and time again to Mountville-based scare attraction Field of Screams. When the attraction isn’t open, co-owners Gene and Jim Schopf are planning for the next year; they’re constantly adding additions so the experience is never fully predictable.

This year, they added three escape rooms, priced reasonably (even for college kids) at $5 per room. The patron has five minutes to figure out the puzzle and escape.

“We wanted to do something a little different. We didn’t want to open up one of the hour-long escape rooms where people have to commit the time to it,” Jim Schopf said. “We decided it’d be perfect if we could design the perfect five-minute room, with quick rooms, quick groups.” Schopf also mentioned that the escape rooms are a good transition between the bigger attractions, which was one of the reasons for making them only five minutes long.

“Captured,” “Lockdown” and “The Heist” are the three themed escape rooms. They are best experienced by two people, but up to four people can experience a room at a given time.

Besides the new escape rooms, there are four main attractions at Field of Screams.

  1. The Den of Darkness, which plays on the fears of the people walking through; each room is dedicated to perpetuating a fear.
  2. The Frightmare Asylum, which is a dilapidated mental hospital hosting many unhappy patients and doctors.
  3. Nocturnal Wasteland, which is an outdoor attraction that draws influence from a post-nuclear attack.
  4. The Haunted Hayride, which is their oldest event. It features several different barns and skits, all of which are unexpected and thrilling.

Schopf said the year started off strong. “Our goal every year is to put on the best show we can, and an even better show than the year before,” Schopf said. “More and more, we see a lot of adults. I think that’s a compliment to what we do. We’re not just a place for junior high kids. They see all the work and decor that goes into it, and it’s worth it.”

The Field of Screams season will go until November 9. The Den of Darkness and Frightmare Asylum are open rain or shine, and the Nocturnal Wasteland and Haunted Hayride will only close during severe weather. For more information visit www.fieldofscreams.com.