Simren Shah

Associate Features Editor

Molly’s Pub, located at 253 E Chestnut St, Lancaster, PA 17602, has a well-stocked bar and a lot of green. Upon entering the restaurant, one notices the classy deep colored wooden tables and the fully stocked bar at the front of the establishment. The decorative ceiling tiles from the 1900’s provide a classic European vibe. There are window seat high top tables as well as larger regular tables towards the center. The view of greenery makes the place even more charming. The pub is appealing not only for the atmosphere, but also for their food, including lunch specials.

The specials include $9 flatbreads and $8 sandwiches and burgers. The special for burgers is unique because customers can create their own burger by choosing a protein, cheese, and up to three toppings. There is a wide selection for burger options including veggie and turkey burgers as well as the classic beef burgers. There are six cheese selections and six different flatbreads. The salads come in large tilted black bowls that are definitely Pinterest-worthy.

Molly’s is an authentic local eatery ideal for lunch and nights on the town. It is popular with local businesses and just a short drive from Millersville University. The pub is perfect for escaping drab holiday-less days because every day is St Patrick’s Day. Lassies and leprechauns alike are welcome at Molly’s.