Simren Shah

Associate Features Editor

Who doesn’t love a 24 hour diner, especially one that serves a variety of iced coffee flavors? Hello, college students! Inside the Park City Diner, there are plenty of comfortable booths making it a great place to cozy up with some hot chocolate and a book to escape campus for a little while. Diners are famous for comfort food and the Park City Diner is no exception.

Everything from burgers and steaks to endless appetizer options are available at the diner. Breakfast is served 24 hours. Specials vary and are worth looking into. What better place to get together with friends and destress after long study sessions or just get together to hangout and talk over a hot meal? Located near the Park City Mall, it’s a great place to stop when craving breakfast for dinner or a lot of food without traumatizing your wallet. The classic diner atmosphere paired with the friendly staff creates a welcoming environment with food available at any time. There is a certain ambiance to vintage diners that gives Park City the potential to be a “favorite spot.”