Julia Walters
Associate News Editor

With about 6,000 undergraduate students attending Millersville University, safety is always considered a priority on campus. The Millersville University Police Department is committed to the safety of the students and faculty above all else.

The MUPD released their Annual Security and Fire Safety Report. This includes an updated list of instructions on what to do in case of various emergencies that could occur on campus such as in the event of shootings, fires, lockdowns and missing persons. It also provides information on sexual assault and harassment, the drug and alcohol policy, the general student code of conduct, and when to report an incident. One of the most important part of the report is the crime statistics for the year.

While some of these statistics may be surprising, it is important to remember that these statistics only include reportable crimes. Many crimes may occur that go unreported for a number of potential reasons; however, if they remain unknown, they cannot be included in any annual data report.

One significant change to be aware of is the changes in crime reporting. First, two new crimes have been included to the original Campus Crime Statistics Report: manslaughter and arson. They also clarified the definitions of specific reporting areas for campus, student residences, non-campus building or properties, and public properties.

Knowing the differences between various areas on or off campus is extremely important when reporting a crime because the MUPD has to know the exact (or close to exact) locations of crimes in order to track down the offender, keep statistics accurately updated, and to maintain community safety.

The MUPD is dedicated to serving the community and especially the students to make sure they feel safe and protected at all times on campus.

Peter Anders, the Chief of Police, said that the low numbers are not unusual for Millersville. “Our safety numbers or crime statistics have been relatively consistent and low for the past several years.”

He believes that this is not only because of the committed police force, but also because of the people living in the community.

“I find our community values a safe campus, we attract students (and employees) who want to live, study and work in a vibrant, safe place. From a police lens, it is awesome to work in a community that as a whole values safety as it reinforces our engagement with the community.”

Anders went on: “Community safety involves more than police. I have observed that our community cares about safety and regularly engages my officers in a positive and friendly way. Our shared community is quite special.”

If at any time students feel unsafe on campus, they can contact the MUPD at 717-871-4357.

There are also 40 Emergency Blue Light Call Boxes placed around campus where students can press the call button and a police officer will arrive at that location as quickly as possible.

Students can also download the app, LiveSafe, to make reports and to increase communication between themselves and MUPD.