Millersville’s Purple Carnival promotes healthy relationships

Our staff writer attended Millersville's Purple Carnival on Tuesday, Oct. 16. The carnival is an event that promotes healthy relationships and helps students recognize problems and unhealthy aspects of abusive relationships. Carly O'Neill/Snapper

Carly O’Neill
Staff Writer

I attended the 3rd annual Purple Carnival on Tuesday, October 16. The event took place in the Reighard Multipurpose Room, hosted by the Peer educators from the Center for Health and Education Promotion, to check out the food, games, and prizes advertised. The theme promoted throughout the event was to #Lovebetter and educate students on healthy relationships.

I had a chance to talk to one of the students organizing the event who described the carnival as a way to bring awareness to October, the relationship violence awareness month. She expressed the goal of the event was to show students that no matter what the situation, everyone can always make their relationship better.

Before entering the carnival, I was given a sheet consisting of different stations to stop at and better inform myself on what to look for in a healthy or unhealthy relationship, as well as a before and after test on relationships. The more stamps I collected from visiting each carnival station got me closer to collecting a purple “How can you #LOVE BETTER?” t-shirt, as well as mini prizes along the way (candy, lanyards, stress balls, etc.)

Each station talked about a different issue in healthy relationships such as red flags to look for, an understanding of consent, and sexual assault. What made this purple carnival interesting was how each table I visited had some sort of activity or game to engage the students, while also informing them of healthy relationship qualities to look for within your significant other, best friend, or family member.

The red flags station described to me a scenario and once I noticed the red flag in the story, I had to ride my scooter provided to me, to and from a red line. The Title IX booth had me flip over a card and describe or give an example of the word or phrase listed for a prize. Another exhibit had me playing hacky sack and depending on where my bean bag landed determined the question I would be asked, and if I got it right I won a purple lanyard.

Overall the Purple Carnival was very educational as well as fun and engaging towards students. So I ask you, “how can you #LOVE BETTER?”

For more information on relationship violence or how to tell whether you are in a healthy or unhealthy relationship, visit their website to learn how to become a Peer Educator, or where to visit the Center for Health Education and Promotion.

Also, if you or a friend feel unsafe in a relationship do not hesitate to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.