Julia Walters
Associate News Editor

The Millersville University Police Department had an important day this past Tuesday, Oct. 16; they held their momentous swearing in ceremony in the Winter Center. The ceremony focused on the official swearing in of three new police officers: Justin Cruce, Mary Reynolds, and Shawn Sweda.

The ceremony started with a welcome message from Guilbert L. Brown, the Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration. The welcome statements discussed how community policing is at the core of the university which tirelessly helps keep students safe and engaged. The new police officers will represent and reflect these values that the MUPD places at the forefront of their mission to keep students protected.

After the opening remarks, there was the official Posting of Colors by the Millersville ROTC Honors Guard, which was extremely precise in its structure. Four guards advanced with both the United States and the Pennsylvania state flags and presented them in a proper and respected commemoration. The National Anthem was then sung by the Marauder Men’s Glee Club in which the entire audience stood to show their respect.

Millersville University President, Dr. Daniel Wubah, spoke at the event to show his continued support of the MUPD and student safety. He stated that the oath the officers take is extremely significant as it establishes that the officers will “defend and uphold with fidelity the constitution of the United States and the constitution of our commonwealth.” The officers commit to protecting basic freedoms and ensuring the safety of students, staff, faculty, and visitors. Dr. Wubah continued: “As Millersville University continues on our mission, we are reminded that student success and agility require a safe environment. Each of you and your fellow officers are the most integral element to our students feeling safe on our campus.”

The new police officers were then officially sworn in by Honorable Joshua Keller, the Magisterial District Judge. The oath stated that the officers will support, obey, and defend the constitutions of the country and the commonwealth.

Pete Anders, Millersville University Chief of Police, then made significant remarks toward the audience and the new officers: “The goal of the Millersville University Police Department is to help the students, parents, faculty, staff, and community create a productive and safe environment to learn and grow. At its core, we’re trying to help student succeed. Each of the three of you were picked because of your leadership through service and the calling of your hearts to serve others.”

The most powerful part of the ceremony by far was the badge pinning, where the new officers get their official badges that represent their service, accomplishments thus far, and their authority as part of the MUPD. The badge can symbolize different concepts for different officers. For Mary Reynolds, it represents “integrity and honor. You put it on every single day and it just means the world to you.”

Reynolds continued with what the entire ceremony meant for her specifically: “It meant the world to me because I’ve been working extremely hard to get here. I did four years of college and then I did the police academy, which I paid for myself; no department sent me through. It just felt like a big weight being lifted off my shoulders. All my hard work finally paid off.”