Scare at the Ware

Alexander Bershtein Staff Writer

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On Saturday the 27th of November at Millersville University’s Ware Center in downtown Lancaster a haunted house will be taking center stage in the Steinman Hall auditorium. A grand event of puppetry show will be taking place to entertain both parents and children from the surrounding vicinity.

The artists responsible for the upcoming sensation includes esteemed puppet-makers Dan Cook who has made Fuzzhead puppets and Lisa Howard Tobin who has been worked with the Muppets. The Puppeteering itself will be have the experience Rick Diaz, who has had four decades of experience. In addition to these arts members from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and South Central PaARTners will be heavily involved. All have come entertain the youth of Lancaster.

In addition to the main event, before the first performance at 2pm takes place, there will be free hands-on activities for the local kids of Lancaster starting an hour beforehand at 1pm. This pre-event is being implemented by Early Childhood Organization (ECHO) from Millersville University, the Creative Experiences for Young Learners, the Lancaster Public Library, and other community partners.

The Scare at the Ware event itself will be a theatrical one. Once seated, narration will begin from the cawing of a poetically named raven, Poe. Soon after various creatures, or parts of them, will start to emerge from haunted house that has mysteriously appeared inside the auditorium. There will a semblance of fright as well as delight for all those that attend.

After the show ends, parents may want to stay a little longer so they can meet the performers and creators themselves. Artists from the show will provide behind the scenes information of the performance, but will also explain how the parents can create their puppet events back home. All in all, there will be fun throughout the event, and plenty of joy to bring back home.