Jared Hameloth
News Editor

It is said that in the dark of night in room 015, a ghost stirs and roams, trying to figure out what happened to her. She is said to be Sara Lively, which seems an ironic name for someone who became a ghost, and she remains trapped in the basement until she pieces her murder together.

Looking at old Snapper editions, I came across an erie news article from 1970. Apparently Ms. Lively was in the under-construction Student Memorial Center messing around with a group of friends when she suddenly disappeared. None of the other four students who were with her that night admitted to knowing what happened; they all say she just kind of disappeared.

Lively was part of the Student Senate at the time, but she was also very active with The Snapper. It is said that she died that night where the Snapper room would eventually be located: in room 015. The rumor goes that she doesn’t even know what killed her; so she remains where she died, searching old editions of the paper looking for clues to find her killer.

Every Tuesday when I come into The Snapper office to design the layout for my section of the paper, there is always an old edition of the paper laying on the conference table. Every time. I’ve seen dates ranging from the early 90s to only a few years ago, but I’m sure there are more. The ones that she leaves are the ones that she forgets or doesn’t get the chance to put away before sunrise.

The papers are always sitting on the table, open. The truly haunting thing about the editions laying there is that they are not accessible to anyone: all of the old editions are locked up in cabinets that are placed along the walls. No one from the staff has or really even knows where the key is located, and yet these editions keep getting out.

I have asked the rest of the staff if someone is playing a joke by getting these editions out somehow, but no one has confessed. And why would they start doing it in the first place? The Snapper Ghost was unknown until we recognized the pattern of the papers being read when no one was in the office. But now we know she’s here… and she seems here to stay. Until she finds her killer…

This piece is completely fictional, but is loosely based on dates regarding the construction of the SMC and the current president at that time.