Nick Hughes

Opinion Editor

“The media has a responsibility to set a civil tone.” This is what President Donald Trump said during a rally at Wisconsin. It might be time for Trump to take his own advice. The recent domestic terror attack allegedly conducted by American citizen, Cesar Sayoc only further adds to this claim. Trump needs to realize that his words, that of the president, matter greatly and have an impact on the country.

The amount of hate that has come up in recent months scares me. I admit that at points the rhetoric that Trump has taken as of late is making me even more afraid of becoming a journalist. The media has, in Trump’s eyes, become enemies of the state and are a detriment to society. The problem with this is that the media is reporting on what he is saying. He refuses to take any blame for any of the violence that has happened in the recent months.

The political climate that is currently being observed by the country is perpetuating a climate of violence in America. That makes me sad, to say the least, and I am furious that the president is one of the sole reasons for this. From mocking a disabled journalist during his campaign to telling his supporters that the media is the enemy of the state, Trump is not a stable leader right now. I have no illusion that he is fit for the job of President and I think that people who think he is fit need to look at what he has done lately.

He is deflecting the blame for the terror attack that happened recently. Any real leader would take that blame and better himself from the experience. Unfortunately, Trump has never been capable of that in this presidency. The American people have dug themselves into a hole and we desperately need to come together and figure out what to do about it. The media is not the enemy, if anything, they are the defense against Trump. If it was not for them, Trump would be running a propaganda machine through Fox News. Fox is no longer a news outlet to me, they are a tool that Trump uses to push his agenda.

I am not one to silence anyone’s voices, I just wish that the people over at Fox News would take some time to fact check the president. Like I said earlier, words matter. Theirs matter a lot too. Their interpretations of what Trump says is how most of his supporters get their information about Washington.

The facts are this, CNN was attacked by a terrorist. Donald Trump, indirectly, is responsible for this attack and needs to hold himself accountable. Trump will not hold himself accountable and this cycle will continue until something horrible happens. That is the reality of America right now. We as a country need to stop this cycle and there are a few ways to do so. We can vote in the upcoming midterms. Before you vote, look at what your representatives are doing right now regarding Trump. Are they being complacent, or are they vocalizing their misgivings about Trump?

Another thing we can do is to consume media that is, for the most part, unbiased. It is not possible for the media to be completely unbiased, but they are trying to protect us. Right now, they are protecting us from an evil known as President Donald Trump. The media is not the enemy right now.