Scare at the Ware

October 28, 2018

On Saturday the 27th of November at Millersville University’s Ware Center in downtown Lancaster a haunted house will be taking center stage in the Steinman Hall auditorium. A grand event of puppetry show will be . . .

Three new police officers join the MUPD

October 23, 2018

Julia Walters Associate News Editor The Millersville University Police Department had an important day this past Tuesday, Oct. 16; they held their momentous swearing in ceremony in the Winter Center. The ceremony focused on the . . .

Today in Millersville History: The Faculty Strike

October 22, 2018

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor Two years ago, Millersville University professors went on strike. The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) organized the three-day strike to negotiate a better, mutually beneficial contract for . . .

Some of us need straws: stop banning them

October 20, 2018

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor There has been a lot of buzz about the state of California banning the use of single-use straws. It is a win for the environmentalists, I will say that, and they . . .

Is voting cool now?

October 20, 2018

Jared Hameloth News Editor The midterm elections are coming up in a few weeks, and I’m sure you’re already tired of the rhetoric and the candidate ads. This piece is not going to be about . . .

#Adulting? Is this what achievement looks like?

October 18, 2018

Kristin Donaldson Staff Writer The mundane, ordinary task that some of us have been doing since our teens or even early childhood has been deemed an adult over achievement by the term “adulting.” Adulting is . . .

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