Carly O’Neill
Associate News Editor

Pennsylvania district 11 Democratic candidate, Jess King came to Millersville on Monday, Nov. 5, to encourage students to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 6. She said “your voices are so important” and advocates that an individual’s “political awareness is their biggest civic responsibility.”

King addressed her goal for her campaign is to talk about ideas rather than spewing hate. She has had more than 60 people working close with her throughout her campaign trail. This past weekend alone, Jess’s committee knocked on 50,000 doors to engage with Lancaster locals and persuade them to leave their political mark at the midterm elections on Tuesday. She believes the two main things political candidates can do to reach the people they’re trying to represent, is to talk to people and raise money for their campaign.

The potential future congresswoman shared her ideas on issues she will be advocating for if elected. King believes strongly that health care should be guaranteed to every citizen rather than selective health coverage. According to Jess “70 percent of Americans believe in Medicare for all.” She supports debt free public college and plans to try and eliminate tuition all together for community and public colleges. Jess also hopes to provide federal matching funds that instate that the costs of college can never exceed what students can earn working 10 hours per week making minimum wage of %7.25.

Jess King then followed her own example by opening up her conversation to the audience with any questions regarding her campaign and plans for action if elected. The first issue brought up was funding for state education. King expressed that there isn’t enough shared responsibility at the federal and state level. She advocates for adequate funding of school districts regardless of their local property tax base. As King states our education is “what makes us American”. Therefore she plans to see that the needs of students are met.

Another important issue brought to her attention was what Jess King plans to do about the several re-occurring school shootings. She follows with “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. King reiterates her point that mental health care should be guaranteed to all, since mental health is not an issue that should be taken lightly. According to Jess, 95 percent of gun owners and NRA members believe in background checks for citizens trying to obtain a firearm that should not be in possession of one.

Then Jess King made a point to bring up the gradual loss of good paying manufacturing jobs in the current economy. Due to this loss, 50 percent of Americans have not seen a raise in more than 40 years, according to King.

Finally, potential Congresswoman addresses the importance of young adults taking action to voice their opinion at the election polls. As Jess states, “the turnout for young voters is up by 500 percent”. She emphasizes getting involved in democracy is extremely important. The best way to do that, King advised, is to get involved in political campaigns and run for office to indulge further with one’s local community.

Jess King sums up her time at Millersville by encouraging students to civilly talk to people who share different political stances. King comments “I respect difference of opinion” and suggested peers keep an open mind to talk about real ideas with individuals just as politically passionate as them.