ACMO’s time capsule transports audience into past eras

ACMO impresses and entertains in Time Capsule concert. (Photo courtesy of Millersville University).

Julia Walters

Associate News Editor

This past Friday and Saturday, ACMO had its annual fall showcase, titled Time Capsule. Directed by senior David Karppala, the theme of this year’s show revolved around classic songs in different time periods.

The audience was transported to different eras as the cast not only sang the characteristic and era-defining pieces, but performed them with enthusiasm and zeal. Some performances, such as Ella Fitzgerald’s Summertime, performed by Cheney Bermudez, were more laid back and simply let the song and her voice take center stage. Her voice was rich and full of soul, giving the performance exactly everything it needed without any additional fanfare.

Other performances, like Michael Jackson’s Beat It, performed by Maddie Sapp and Lisa Shaffer, told a fun story that was centered around two gym junkies trying to outdo and one-up each other throughout the entire song. The energy and vigor the girls put into their performance was easily translated onto the audience and they truly put everything they had into it, which made it much more fun and engaging for the audience to listen to and watch.

Gender-specific performances such as Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with the female ensemble and the NSYNC/Backstreet Boys mashup with the male ensemble added an extra aspect lively excitement to the show as well.

The best performances, however, had to be the group ones with the entire case participating and clearly enjoying themselves onstage. The entire cast performances were Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets from the 40s – 50s era, Imagine by John Lennon from the 70s, All Over the World by Electric Light Orchestra from the 80s, and a Pop Punk Medley, Stick to the Status Quo from High School Musical, and Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga, all from the 21stcentury. The collective energy and spirit of everyone was so apparent and gave the show a boost that went from simply song to song, to a unified front of people committed to sustaining audience enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Not only was the audience kept enthused the entire duration of the show, but it was obvious that the cast loved what they were doing as well. When the performers have a love for a show, the audience can always tell and this truly can impact a performance. With ACMO’s Time Capsule, this was no exception to that and this fun-loving show truly gave life to classic songs of the past.