Jason Hertz

Multimedia Editor

Impartiality is essential to news providers. Without strict adherence to objectivity, the people will lose trust in the facts that news sources provide, and those outlets lose their purpose. That is unless their purpose is self-serving. It is this question of purpose that concerned people on Monday, November 4, when Fox news hosts joined Donald Trump’s final midterm campaign rally in Missouri.

Sean Hannity, among others, was listed as a special guest. Hannity originally declined the invitation publicly on Twitter saying, “To be clear, I will not be on stage campaigning with the president.” But, half a day later, Hannity was breaking his word beside POTUS. No serious news institution can hire individuals who attack the professionalism of their colleagues, spread false facts, and lie to the people who depend on them to provide information about the world as much as Fox does. To do so is to abandon the moniker of “news.”

Hannity’s loose relationship with verification was exemplified on stage Monday night when he pointed at the press standing behind the crowd and claimed, “all those people in the back are fake news.” Other members of the Fox news organization happened to be included in that press crowd. Hannity, and other members of Fox “News,” are more than willing to abandon their fellow journalists and objectivity because they feel no professional obligation to the truth. They only do what serves them, and their wallets.

Therefore, Fox News no longer deserves the title “news.” They are an entertainment show which relies on advertising and will sell a lie to draw in viewers. The organization is now also complicit in Trumpian politics. They will deny any truth which harms his campaigning because without Trump’s shared voter-base they will hemorrhage viewers. And they deserve to. Ironically, the ones who most often cry “fake news” are themselves the fakes.