Julia Walters

Features Editor

No one has perfect writing, especially on their first drafts. Whether it’s knowing where to start with an
unclear prompt, questioning if the writing or content is cohesive, or just needing a second eye to look
over an essay before it’s handed in for the final grade, the Writing Center in the McNairy Library is
there for students no matter what the writing issue is or where they are in the general writing process.
Various English majors are hired to work in the center and enjoy reading over papers and helping
students learn from their writing. However, many students do not take advantage of the valuable
opportunity that is open to them in the Writing Center. The current student manager of the center,
Nathan LastName, a junior English education major, believes the Writing Center is a great resource for
all students.
“Everybody could use a second opinion on their writing and there are things that anyone might miss or
not consider if they’re writing and only thinking of it in one way. So having a second reader is really
helpful.” No matter the topic of the paper or the major, every student can benefit and learn from getting
another pair of eyes to look over the piece. Even if it seems the essay is fine on its own, at least getting
some help to read it over can never hurt; in fact, it’s almost guaranteed that something positive and
constructive will come from that.
Since the students in the Writing Center are English majors, writing essays is a main component of
their lives already and they genuinely enjoy helping students get better with their writing. Nathan
explains, saying “My favorite part [about working in the Writing Center] is the people that we work
with and seeing that you helped someone out. There are times when you and the person you tutored
both come away from an appointment feeling a lot better about the paper. It’s both relief and; Yeah, that
was meaningful, what I just helped with.”
The Writing Center takes appointments for half an hour per each student. Appointments can be made
by calling (717)-871-7389 or by sending an email to writing.center@millersville.edu . The center also
takes walk-in appointments on a first-come, first-serve basis. They offer online tutoring as well for
revised papers which can be returned to the student within a 72 hour period at most.
To get help with an important essay or any other writing, visit the Writing Center in Room 106 of the
McNairy Library on Mondays-Thursdays from 1pm – 9pm or on Fridays from 6pm – 9pm.