Students are stressed, college is a mess

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Kat Vasquez

Associate Sports Editor

The anxiety. The panic attacks. The stress. The depression. The complete shut down. All of us have experienced this phenomenon at least once in our college careers. It is not uncommon to be overwhelmed by the amount of work and pressure college demands. While we try our very best to finish everything as quickly as possible, studying until our head explodes, and pulling all nighters almost every night, we sometimes feel numb and sink into a state of self-doubt when our work isn’t giving the results that we anticipated. We begin to feel so helpless and fall into a pit of despair. Some may start to hide from peers and people who care about them because of frustration and confusion. You don’t know what to do with these emotions while test and projects are pilling non-stop before you can even process them. You are afraid that you will eventually snap.

It’s no secret that college can be a difficult time for a lot of students especially around the end of the semester when finals come.  Whether you’re trying to fit in or trying to survive classes while being involved in other things like internships and clubs, I think we can all agree that college life isn’t perfect. You get exhausted and unmotivated; you just want the semester to end. Feeling stressed out is one thing, but feeling burnt out is a whole other issue. Just like a match, once you burn out, it’s has no use anymore. If you are feeling like this, I want you to take a step back and breathe. Yes, I realize that you have things to work on and study for, but let’s be honest: are you really going to be productive when you’re feeling this bad? Don’t push yourself over the edge; it’s just not worth it. Trust me.

Don’t be so hard on yourself when it comes down to grades and assignments. I understand academics is one of the most important things in college, but so is your physical and mental health. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to get forgetful with assignments here and there. You are going to procrastinate. It’s going to suck, but we are all human. We aren’t perfect. Don’t beat yourself over this. College is a learning experience, not a competition.

There’s so much more to life than just grades. Your happiness and health should come first. You might argue that good grades equal greater job opportunities and more money. Look at the expectations you’ve created. They are not unreasonable or anything, but realize what you’re doing to yourself. You’re tired because of a sleepless night of studying. You’re unhappy. You’re numb and zombie-like. You feel like giving up. Is this a positive way to live? I’m not saying that you should ignore your academics in college, but make sure that you give yourself some credit once in a while. Take a walk, listen to music and dance it out, talk to your roomates, your love loved ones, and just take some time to do whatever makes you happy. You’re in college. You have an opportunity that some can only dream of. Be proud of yourself for all you’ve achieved. You’ve made it this far. Give yourself a pat on the back and feel proud of everything you’ve done thus far. You deserve it. The burnout isn’t enjoyable and can negatively affect your college life. To be honest, I’m really struggling in college right now.. There are days that I feel like I’m at the top of the world and then there are others when I’m in the gutter of despair. You’ve probably heard of this a million times, but college is what you make of it. Be happy, be sad, be angry – that’s your choice, again you are human. However, know that you deserve to be in college, and don’t ever doubt that. You might have doubts already about why you’re here struggling but it will all be worth it once you graduate.