Marauder spotlight: Cole Vohs

Pictured: Cole Vohs, (photo courtesy of Jay Lindblad).

Nick Hughes

Opinion Editor

Cole Vohs, a computer science major, plans on becoming a software developer after he
graduates in Fall 2020. He is currently a junior. Vohs also plays Magic the gathering and was, for a time,
the president of the Magic the Gathering club at Millersville University. Vohs also play the piano and can
sometimes be seen playing the piano in the atrium at the Student Memorial Center.
When asked about what computer he uses, Vohs prefers the operating system Linux for his
various projects. Jokingly saying it, “Doesn’t spy on you.” He prefers Android over Apple for the
functionality of the phone operating system. While he has not yet made a mobile app, Vohs states it is
something that he is interested in pursuing for his career.
Twitter is another passion; where Vohs writes programs for Twitter Bots. A registered Twitter
developer, Vohs creates bots for Twitter accounts. According to Vohs, a twitter bot is a program that
automatically posts to Twitter. One bot will post a random line from a file randomly. Vohs remade the
Donald Trump twitter bot to be on his account and says, “It is very funny stuff.” The bots attempt to
predict what Vohs would tweet and then tweet that. Vohs’s handle on twitter is @ColeW_Picaro.
Magic the gathering is a hobby that Vohs partakes in as well. He mainly plays the format modern
for magic. In that format, the player has a 60-card deck along with a 15-card sideboard. Vohs went to
quite a few tournaments while at Millersville. One such tournament he placed in the top eight of the
tournament at sixth place. The tournament was held in Baltimore in February 2017 and he was playing a
deck called Scapeshift. Vohs also participates in commander tournaments ran by the magic club at
Millersville; as well as pauper and legacy, which are some other formats that magic players play. Vohs’s
current deck in the modern format is Amulet Titan and Vohs has said it is a difficult deck to pilot, but it is
a challenge he enjoys. Vohs will give other magic players advice on deck building at meetings and is a
cool guy to be around.