The Oscars faced an unorthodox season this year

Oscar Academy Award. Photo courtesy of WikimediaCommons

Alex Bershtein

Staff Writer

The traditional Oscars Award Ceremony this year was unorthodox. Many viewers may agree with the results, while many might not. Regardless, the promotion of the movies gained notoriety. Whether it was welcome or not.

The Oscars were searching for more viewership. The kerfuffle that ensued from all the controversy gave quite the spectacle. The matter started over the movie Black Panther. The proposed Popular Movie Category that never happened. It further ignited a debate between what movies were deserving of the Oscar praise.

As a result, the nominees were a mixed bag. Some movies seemed more in the scope of a typical Oscar nominees adored by critics. Others were blockbusters that spoke more to audience approval. Varying from person to person, the results are good, bad or mixed. The fact that so many conversations over this topic is what may have made this particular Oscar season so beautiful.

People were fervent in their conversations of the stories they fell in love with last year. There was deeper thought taken into account into what people saw in the theaters. Those that got nominated began the process of analysis by their avid fans. Those cheering for Black Panther, for example.

Movies that got snubbed brought into so many conversations about them. Movies such as Paddington 2 and Won’t You be My Neighbor. The limelight was beyond the stage of the Oscars because these films got noticed by multitudes of people. The Academy ignored many of these films. The initiatives of other folks decided to let these stories become popular.

The ramifications of the academy was an engagement in discussions over the merits of last year’s films. In past years, there were few that would question the legitimacy of the nominees, and thus little intrigue into what the films were about. The authority of the Academy unquestioned, and movie criticism by audience was in. The controversy may have been a needed catalyst to allow people to consider the merits of the films they get to witness.