Bridget K. Murray

Staff Writer

As we near the end of February and make our way towards Spring, it is safe to say that
this winter has been anything but mild. With five snow days already, two delayed and three entire days
off, students are a mixture of concerned due to the time missed as well as thrilled to have free
days to themselves. We asked a variety of Millersville students about how they liked to spend
their snow days and here is what they had to say:
Brooke Augustine, a Secondary English Education major, responded that she “liked to
just chill in bed and watch movies.” Her favorite movies to watch on snow days are musicals like
Singing In The Rain, but she also enjoys classic films from her childhood like The Goonies.
Jake Clarence, a social studies major, said he loves waking up to the surprise of snow
days. He usually likes to spend some time baking either cookies or bread and enjoying a nice cup
of tea, taking some time for himself. He said he loves to sit in his chair “and watch the world
change”, marveling at the tranformation of the world turned completely white.
Eason clark, an entertainment technology major, takes a different route to his snow days
rather than staying in bed or relaxing. After months playing Smash with his roomates, he
organized a Smash tournamnet with the help of the tournament setting the video game offers. He
said “it was perfect because no one was busy due to the snow. We had 17 competitors total and
everyone had a blast.”
Karrah Keck, a speech communication major with a Public Relations option, takes a
more adventurous route to snow days. She likes to find steep hills around town and go snow
tubing with her friends. She said when she was little she was terrified of heights and sledding
down steep hills, but that she has grown used to it and it is now her favorite way to
spend a snow day.
Some other responses to the question how do you spend your snow day included
sledding, making puzzles, building snow men, drinking hot chocolate, cooking breakfast, binge
watching netflix, catching up on sleep and catching up on homework. Despite all these different
answers to the question, Millersville students are no strangers to snow days, especially not after
this Spring 2019 semester.


Brenna Fallon, a digital journalism major and artist, enjoys going on walks in the snow, and taking her camera with her to capture stills of the campus covered in snow.