Cohen lost everything, why lie now?

Michael Cohen lied for Trump and now he is telling Congress the truth. Photo credit WikiMedia Commons

By Shannon O’Brie
Staff Writer

On February 27, Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former attorney, testified publicly against Trump in a congressional hearing. Cohen’s testimony accused Trump of many lies, and claimed Trump committed illegal activity while running for office and even while in office. This is not the first time Cohen testified in regard to Trump; however, unlike in the past, Cohen was not there to protect Trump. Rather, he came clean about the web of lies he was involved in while working for the U.S. president.

In his opening message, Cohen addressed Congress by saying he was sorry for the lies he told the last time he stood before them. “I want to apologize…The last time I appeared before Congress I came to protect Trump. Today, I am here, to tell the truth.”

While Cohen may easily have been telling the truth, many congressmen, mainly Republicans, were reluctant to believe anything that Cohen said. According to the New York Times, Cohen was set to return to Congress for a closed-door session on Wednesday March 6.

As seems to be the trend in much of modern politics, the courtroom was extremely divided on their impression of Michael Cohen’s credibility. Many Republicans pushed the idea that Cohen is nothing but a liar and that his testimony against Trump was nothing more than a way for him to get attention and stay in the spotlight. Republican congressmen Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows quickly pointed out Cohen’s past criminal activity, and stated that nothing Cohen said could be trusted. Democrats were more focused on asking question revolving around Trump and the crimes he allegedly committed.

Much of what was stated in the testimony, explicitly revolving around Trump, were things that had already been speculated by the Robert Mueller investigation. While the Cohen’s testimony did have some merit, much of it seemed to be nothing more than the repetitive information on Trump that has been already presented to the public and yet still ignored.

There are however a few significant pieces of Cohen’s testimony that could help in Muller’s investigation. According to an NBC News article, Cohen’s information on Roger Stone, Trump, and  WikiLeaks could spell out major trouble for Trump and his presidency due to the fact he has stated, under oath, that he knew nothing about WikiLeaks.

Although many are reluctant to believe in what Cohen is saying and are ready to write him off as a liar, he did work with Trump for many years making him privy to private information. Cohen has already lost everything due to his relationship to the president and is going to jail with or without a testimony. At this point it seem as though he stands to gain nothing from his claims and warning statements about Trump.