Julia Walters

Features Editor

If any student needs a creative outlet to let off some steam or just to forget about the stress of classes and jobs for a short time, the artistic events hosted by the George Street Press, Millersville University’s literary and art magazine, are the perfect place to go.

    This past Friday afternoon in the SMC atrium, the George Street Press hosted a collage event where they provided paper, glue, scissors and, of course, tons of magazines and graphic comic books to create beautiful, unique pieces of artwork.

    “It’s really therapeutic,” Sara Pizzo, blank of the George Street Press, says of the collage event. “We try to hold these events about every 2 – 3 weeks. We like to keep it fairly regular so people don’t miss out.”

    While collaging is a fun and relaxing activity no matter what, the reason for this specific event is to spread the word about the newest edition of the George Street Press magazine that is coming soon.

Kitsey Shehan, blank of the George Street Press, says “This event is to promote the magazine because submissions close on March 8th.”

    However, despite the promotion, the George Street Press holds these events for more than just advertisement. Kitsey continues, “We do this so people know who we are and so we can build a literature community. We want to support and promote the arts and literature. It also gives us an opportunity to just hang out.”

    Building an appreciative community of literature is at the forefront of these events because, in today’s instantly gratifying world, it can be easy to forget the feeling of being lost in a good book or taking the time to create something new and beautiful out of something old and outdated. Not only are these events good for relaxing and letting off steam, but they also provide a valuable space to bond over literature and art in general, for which many students are grateful.

    Be on the lookout for other events hosted by the George Street Press as they happen about once a month. And if any students are interesting in submitting art, poetry, short stories, photography, or other forms of literature, please direct submissions to GeorgeStreetPressSubmissions@gmail.com.