New feminist group tackles social injustices

Sim Shah
Associate Features Editor

For some, “feminism,” is a dirty, dangerous word that threatens to disrupt order. For others, it is simply the belief that people should have the same rights and be treated with the same respect, regardless of gender. There are many different views on feminism, particularly in a modernist sense, and it is a term that has certainly been muddled up in the social toilet.

    The American Association for University Women (AAUW) is a club at Millersville University primarily concerned with social injustices and women’s rights. The club is run by Sarah Rettig and Ashley Sherman. On Monday, they held their weekly meeting.

Rettig joined the club after taking a Feminist Theory class with Dr. Jill Craven. “I got thrown into it. I am technically the social media advisor and administrator,” said Rettig. The club is rather small, but Rettig and Sherman do not allow that to discourage them from holding their meetings and advocating for change.

International Education Week

Rettig wants to “revive” the club and hopes that new faces will join. “After last year it faltered a little bit,” added Rettig.

Sherman said that AAUW’s purpose is “creating an environment that has gender equality or even talks about doing educational things to make people aware of what is going on in the world, what is going on on campus, what can you do about it, and things like that.” AAUW encourages awareness and activism. The group serves as the beginning of a conversation that can lead to action towards women’s equity and a better campus experience for women.

During the meeting, Rettig and Sherman discussed events they could attend and people they could connect with to advocate for women’s equity. They spoke about wanting to attend an event for National Women’s Day this Friday.

AAUW holds meetings at 5:00 P.M. every Monday in front of the Starbucks in the McNairy Library. Rettig and Sherman are currently working on recruiting new members. Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings.