Trout signs record breaking deal

Mike Trout signs record 12-year $430M contract extension with the Angels. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Jared Kish
Sports Editor

Well that didn’t take long. Three weeks after Bryce Harper became the highest paid player in MLB history, Mike Trout surpassed him with a 12-year $430-million-dollar contract extension.

Trout who is regarded as the best player in baseball, signed the biggest sports contract in history. The Los Angeles Angel who was set to be a free agent after the 2020 season, has now agreed to spend the next 12 years in California.  

The New Jersey born outfielder is set to make $36 million a year and make about $98K a day for just taking the field. Within the deal there is no opt out so Trout must remain with the Angels as he cannot back out after a certain point.

Trout’s $36 million a year is the largest in annual value passing Arizona Diamondback Zack Greinke who makes $34.4 million per year. Trout’s contract extension also is the largest in total value as he will make $100 million more than the second highest paid player.  

The two-time American League MVP and seven time all-star, has put together a career that is arguably the best by any player in history through their age 26 season. Trout who has played in 1,065 games has a .307 career batting average, with 240 home runs, and 189 stolen bases. To add to that no other player has a higher WAR (wins above replacement) as Trout sits at 64.3.

Trout who is a generational talent and a career team player, has set the bar for contracts. He is worth the money but what does this mean for future contracts? The money frenzy began when Manny Machado signed a 10-year $300 million-dollar contract. That was broken quickly by outfielder Bryce Harper who signed a 13-year $330 million-dollar deal with the Phillies. Now Trout set the bar high with this contract extension worth $430 million.

Within weeks of each other the baseball world has seen three players raise the stakes of how much a ballplayer will be paid.

Players like Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts who will be free agents in the coming years certainly have the talent to at least come close to Trout’s contract. I believe both players will pass the $330 million Harper makes, but it’s hard to say they will beat Trout’s contract. However, doesn’t mean they won’t with the way contracts are heading right now.

If someone were to tell me a baseball player one day would make $500 million before these signings, I would have said they were insane. Now with Machado, Harper, and Trout all getting massive paydays, there is no telling how much future stars like Judge or Betts could possibly make in the coming years. Whether it will be in free agency or a contract extension with their current teams, both players will make lots of money.

All around Mike Trout is the best player in baseball and does everything right. Hats off to Trout as he deserves all $430 million and is worth every penny.