Alexander Bershtein
Staff Writer

On Thursday March 21, the Iron Chef event took place in Lehr Hall within the upper floor of the Gordonier Dining Hall. Five groups competed with their cooking skills: Jalapeno Business, Baker Mayfield, Women’s Basketball, the Equestrian Club, and Women’s Rugby. 

Each group made four dishes each, one per judge and one that was placed atop a table in front of the judges and audience to see. The three judges included Judith Wubah, Chief of Police Pete Anders, and student judge Emily Seiler. They had the say on the overall winner, but the audience got to decide which dish was most aesthetically pleasing.

The theme of the night was salmon, and each group came up with very different modifications for the entree they were to serve. There was a salmon as fillet, salmon on a sandwich, salmon cut up in mixture of rice and greens, as well as marinated salmon. 

While the judges tasted each dish, the audience enjoyed thematic complementary food. The audience watched and smelled the food cook, while enjoying crayfish, a stir fry of shrimp and steak, as well as sushi and sashimi straight from the Anchor.

Every salmon was served freshly cooked from the pans of the chef to plates of the judges. The teams had different start times, which resulted in a consecutive five servings to the judges. There was five minutes to grab extra ingredients for their dish, and fifty minutes to cook it. The timer dramatically rang when the time was up and the chefs carefully brought their creations to be judged.

After the last team served their dish tension grew as the calculations were being made. Almost everyone was hovering around the five entrees.

Before the winners were announced, Chief Anders gave praise to all of the contenders. He stated that the dish from the Women’s Basketball team reminded him of a dish from him and his wife’s favorite restaurant, and that Baker Mayfield made a dish that invoked thought of top notch restaurants in New York. 

Once the drama had settled, the team of Women’s Basketball was the audience winner for best presentation. The overall winner however was Bakers Mayfield, which was made up of the students Mike Restanio, Connor Richter, and led by David Gibson. Their marinated salmon with wild rice and peppers stood out and brought them to victory.