Jared Hameloth
News Editor

At a public meeting on March 20, Millersville’s Council of Trustees voted to decrease room and board at Millersville by a total of 3.3 percent. This leads to an overall decrease of $245 for each semester.

“As a result of hearing from students during my listening tour, we carefully examined how we could best assist our students,” said President Daniel Wubah. “The new dining program gives students more options at a reduced price.”

The breakdown of the changes in prices show a significant decrease in food costs, but slight increases in the room and activities costs. Board [food] will decrease by 14.1 percent, saving $345 semester per semester; room costs for the residence halls will increase by 2 percent, costing $76 more a semester; general fees will increase 2.2 percent, increasing by $24 per semester.

Millersville says that these changes are aimed at increasing flexibility for food options on campus, and providing better quality food.

The university plans to extend dining hours at some locations to 1 a.m., which is four hours later than the current closing time.

Millersville’s Council of Trustees sets room and board fees, but don’t control tuition rates. Those are set by the Board of Governors at their annual meeting in June.

Because of these changes in food services, and to get student input about their school experience, Millersville is encouraging students to take a “meeting student needs” survey. The 65-question survey is aimed to help the university understand student “food security, housing security, income, and overall well being.”

The results will help develop programs better suited for every student. Participants will also be entered to win a $50 gift basket that will be drawn every month. The survey can be found at surveymonkey.com/r/3NYH2R9.