Carly O’Neill
Associate News Editor

‘Ville Unplugged is a three-week energy conservation campaign that has been taking place from March 25 to April 14. The goal of this campaign is to reduce campus energy use through students and faculty members taking simple measures, such as turning off lights and computers around campus when they are not being used. 

According to Millersville’s website, these conservative actions can help reduce energy use by up to 20 percent. This would help further Millersville’s Climate Action Plan of becoming fully carbon neutral by 2040.

To help encourage students, faculty, and staff to participate in the campaign, the residence halls including West, South, and East village, will compete with the classroom buildings like Caputo Hall/Roddy Hall, Stayer Hall, Breidenstine Hall, Osburn Hall, Susan P. Luek Hall, McComsey Hall, and Hash/Bassler. Whoever can save the most energy by April 14 will receive a celebratory pizza party.

Students, faculty, and staff may track the progress of the competition on the ‘Ville Unplugged Dashboard. 

Several events will also be taking place during throughout the campaign to engage with students, such as: Unplugged Open Mic at Saxbys on April 3, from 6 to 8 p.m., and Sunset Yoga on the Ville Quad on April 10, from 6 to 7 p.m.

WIXQ, the student-run radio station on campus, is also participating in ‘Ville Unplugged by offering energy saving tips to students, faculty, and staff. They have advised participants to turn off lights in their apartments, dorms, or classrooms before one leaves. Turning off computers and desktop printers when not in use goes a long way. Choosing natural sunlight instead of turning on a light switch is beneficial to the energy-conservation efforts. Also, using space heaters and fans as little as possible, and unplugging chargers and appliances can help reduce energy.      

So far the winning residence hall with the most reduced energy is West Village, with a total of 23 percent decrease. South Village is in second with a 8.2 percent decrease, and East Village has actually increased its usage by 4.0 percent.

As for the classroom buildings, Caputo Hall/Roddy Hall is in the lead with a total of 19.9 percent decrease in energy usage. Stayer hall is in a close second with a 15.9 percent energy decrease, and Breidenstine has took third was a 7.2 percent energy decrease. Osburn Hall has fallen behind in fourth with a 4.9 percent energy decrease, but that is still significantly better since the other buildings have since increased their energy usage.   

Overall, the residence halls combined have saved a total of 12,287 kilowatt-hours. The classroom buildings are close behind with a total of 11,304 kilowatt-hours saved.