SGA’s ‘Coffee with Commuters’ event lets Millersville’s commuters voice their concerns

Pictured left to right: Renardo A. Hall, John Tintera, Abbey Ford, Aly Sehl, and Millersville commuter Brooke Bowman. Carly O’Neill/Snapper

Carly O’NeIll
Associate News Editor

On Monday, April 8, Student Government and Student Affairs held their one of many “Coffee with Commuters” events in the Stayer lobby from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. This event was recently created this year to establish a convenient time for commuters to voice their concerns to SGA and Student Affairs in order to improve their Millersville experience.  

Refreshments were offered to any commuters, students, and faculty that came by the event including donuts, bagels, coffee, orange juice, tea, and water. The idea behind this social event is that students will grab a quick bite or beverage on the way to class and voice their opinions on changes they would like to see the campus implement, with the intention of making their academic career enjoyable.  

John Tintera, President of the Student Government Association, commented that “We’ve had a pretty good turnout.” Student Affairs and SGA have held three of these events so far, all held in recognizable locations for the convenience of commuters, such as the Galley located in the SMC, the McComsey lobby, and the Stayer lobby. Four more “Coffee with Commuters” will take place throughout the rest of April to allow commuters to choose a date that works best for them and voice their concerns. 

Tintera elaborated that the goal of “Coffee with Commuters” other than symbolizing a platform for students to be heard, is also to give back to the students driving an hour and a half or more each morning to improve their education. Essentially, this event is a thank you to Millersville commuter students to let them know their efforts are being recognized.

Brooke Bowman enjoys a coffee while voicing her commuter concerns with SGA and Student Affairs. Carly O’Neill/Snapper

Brooke Bowman, a commuter at Millersville and second semester freshman, came to Monday’s event to give her input on the lack of parking around campus. Since Bowman lives close by, she states “I can’t justify spending that kind of money [to live on campus] when I live 20 minutes away.”

Bowman also expressed how hard it is for commuter students to participate in clubs and organizations around campus that have their meetings late at night, in order to not overlap with conflicting night classes. 

Lauren Smith enjoys a morning refreshment at SGA’s ‘Coffee with Commuters’ after her commute to campus. Carly O’Neill/Snapper

Lauren Smith, a Millersville senior who just started commuting this year, described her experience so far as a commuter, “It’s been really nice, everyone’s really welcoming towards it.” Smith continued that other than the lack of parking, it’s been a laid back semester. Her professors are always understanding if she is a few minutes late due to traffic, or other roadblocks along Smith’s route to campus.   

Future “Coffee with Commuters” with be held on April 11 in the Stayer Lobby, April 15 in the Roddy/Caputo Lobby, and April 24 and 30 in the SMC Galley.