Wubah inaugurated as 15th President of Millersville University

On Thursday, April 18, Dr. Daniel Wubah was officially sworn in as Millersville’s 15th President. Above, he lifts the official Millersville University scepter as the crowd of students, faculty, and staff cheer. Jay Lindblad/The Snapper

Jared Hameloth
Editor in Chief

Carly O’Neill
Features Editor

On Thursday, April 18, Dr. Daniel Wubah was officially sworn in as Millersville’s 15th President. From a warm opening ceremony, to the many inaugural speakers who had kind words to say about Dr. Wubah’s leadership, it was a historical moment for the students, faculty, and staff of Millersville University.

President of the Student Government Association, John Tintera, gave a reflection speech honoring Dr. Wubah and all he strives to be as a great President of Millersville University. “Dr. Wubah is extremely passionate and dedicated to the students of Millersville,” Tintera said.

Tintera mentioned how Dr. Wubah is constantly engaging with students around campus and making it his responsibility to remember all of their names.

During the inauguration, there were many musical performances interspersed throughout the speakers. One of them was the Millerville Gospel Choir, who sang “Melodies From Heaven,” but with a twist. During the song, they creatively incorporated Wubah’s name into the beat of the song, and ended by repeating a chant-like verse “Ain’t no party like a Wubah party!” which energized the crowd as they sang along.

Following Tintara was the keynote speaker and Wubah’s mentor, Dr. Linwood Rose.

Rose gave kind words about his former apprentice and gave students and faculty members reassurance on their new president. “When our hearts are burdened by grief, doubt, or stress we look to our leaders for comfort and hope. . . The leader that you are looking for has been found, he’s sitting here and his name is Daniel Wubah.”
After wholeheartedly acknowledging his wife and the delegates from Ghana, Rose commented on Dr. Wubah’s skills that qualify him as an excellent candidate for Millersville’s President. “We expect our leaders to be honest, forward looking, inspiring, and confident,” which Rose said Wubah more than possesses. “Daniel is fluent in the language of leadership.”

Dr. Rose explained that when you know that the next person is working to make the university better even if their approach isn’t the path you would have taken, progress is the outcome. He put emphasis on working together as a community: “with the help of others you will move this institution forward,” said Rose. He then called Wubah to the podium to give his remarks about becoming president.

Dr. Wubah opened his Presidential address by thanking everyone for attending and expressed his gratitude for their presence. He described the ceremony as a meaningful reflection on his life and past accomplishments that lead him to his leadership role today.

Wubah began his speech by looking back on his upbringing in Ghana. He said that he lost his father as a boy, which left his mother to raise her four children on her own. This drove him to want to accomplish as much as possible in his life to make his mother proud, which started his path to success.

Things were not all smooth sailing and Wubah said he reached some obstacles along the way, which he described as his “dark cloud period.” He had completed 90 percent of his education with only a final exam standing between him and his degree, when he found himself waiting in limbo for nine months to take this exam and receive his degree.

Before Millersville University, Dr. Wubah was an academic administrator with small ambitions since he said he did not view himself as qualified for any position above Assistant Department Chair. Today he now has more than 25 years of experience in higher education, from starting as an assistant professor at Towson State University in Maryland, to working his way up the ranks as President of Millersville University.  

When asked “What is your vision for Millersville University…I believe the best vision for

Millersville University is the one we will develop together,” said Dr. Wubah.

He elaborates on this statement by providing some insight on his visions for Milersville’s future. “I want to move to our future…I would like to take you on a journey consisting of three stations,” Wubah commented.

First, he wants to provide education at an affordable price by reducing costs and allowing students more flexibility. So far Millersville has saved its students over $200,000 in this academic year alone. Also, Dr. Wubah stressed how he hopes to create an inclusive community among the students, faculty, and staff.

Second, Dr. Wubah believes it is important to educate students to be prepared in digital age. Where some claim we’re entering the stage of intelligent automation, jobs are therefore decreasing quickly. He feels that by integrating these preporational skills in advising, admissions, and curricular and extra curricular activities, that students will feel more confident when entering the workforce.

Third Dr. Wubah emphasizes on developing an inclusive and vibrant community within Millersville’s campus. He stresses that universities need to encourage more minority and non-minority communication among students. One way to enhance this communication is through international experiences, which Dr. Wubah finds crucial in one’s academic career.

Dr. Wubah concluded how he is excited to work with students and thanked both staff and faculty: “You make the university beautiful from the inside and out.” He also thanked the students or “the future” as he called them, and gave suggestions and encouraging statements to guide them in their educational success. Lastly, Dr. Wubah thanked the alumni of Millersville, the Lancaster community, the delegates from Ghana, and last but not least, his wife, Judith Wubah.

“With immense gratitude and humility, I thank you for celebrating with all of us,” Wubah exclaimed.

There was an official passing of the medallion between a line of Millersville alumni leading up to the stage. At the strike of the 12 o’clock hour, signified by Millersville’s bell tower striking twelve times, Dr. Daniel Wubah officially became the 15th President of Millersville University.