AB’s Oakland nightmare is over

Antonio Brown has caused major controversy of late due to his behavior while with the Oakland Raiders. Photo courtesy of Brook Ward Flickr

Brian Markley
Staff Writer

Antonio Brown went from frostbitten feet, helmet holdouts and demanding his release from the Oakland Raiders to becoming the number one receiver for Tom Brady.

The drama is done, at least for the time being. Antonio Brown’s eventful stint as an Oakland Raider is over. Brown didn’t play a single game for the Raiders, but his offseason with the team will go down in National Football League history as one of the most bizarre off-season’s for a player ever.

Antonio Brown had forced his way out of the Pittsburgh Steelers at the end of the 2018-2019 season and was traded by the team to the Oakland Raiders. Once in Oakland, Brown had many different altercations with the general manager, Mike Mayock. 

It all started with Brown’s football helmet, which he had been wearing for since the inception of his career, was deemed unsafe by the new helmet regulations that the league implemented. Brown was upset, citing that the new helmets limited his vision. He threatened to not take part in practice until he was given the ok to use his old helmet. He would eventually turn this helmet holdout into a new helmet deal and planned to return to practice using a helmet that resembled his old one.

This led to a fine from the Raiders which Brown then posted on his Instagram, quoting that his own team was against him. Brown has a history of posting content he shouldn’t on social media. He recorded a disgruntled Mike Tomlin in the Steelers’ locker room without him knowing, so Brown is familiar to acting up on social media. 

Raiders GM Mayock wasn’t happy with Brown’s social media antics and threatened to suspend him, which would mean Brown wouldn’t receive his guaranteed money. Brown took to Instagram on the morning of September 7th and demanded to be released by the Raiders, tagging the team’s official Instagram page in his post along with a caption of “You are gonna piss a lot of people off when you start doing what’s best for you.”

Later that day, the Raiders granted Brown’s wish and released him. After 5pm on that same Saturday, it was announced that Brown was planning to sign with the defending Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots. A joke that was thrown around social media became a reality, and now Tom Brady has the best receiver he’s had since Randy Moss. 

Will the glorified Patriot Way be enough to suppress the potential Antonio Brown drama? Maybe. He has an opportunity now to win a Super Bowl with one of the most legendary quarterbacks and coaches the game has ever seen. Not to mention he will join a receiving core that consists of Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon. Brown joining them creates one of, if not the best, wide receiver cores in the entire league.

Brown didn’t play in the Patriots week one matchup against his former team, but the Patriots rolled to a 33-3 win without the star wide out. Brady and company are reloaded and ready to make a run at another Super Bowl ring, and it is up to Antonino Brown to decide whether or not he wants to be a distraction to that or not.