Campus dining halls relocated

PHOTO COURTESY OF THE SNAPPER Millersville switches up the locations of various eateries on campus with dining available in both old and new locations.

Alexander Bershtein

Staff Writer

The Fall semester of 2019 at Millersville University began with aplenty of notable changes, particularly with dining services on campus. 

In addition to the replacement of the old meal plan with the new declining-balance plan, some of the dining facilities have gotten some personal
changes, too.

On the outside, many of the dining places appear as they have always been. 

However, once students take a closer look they will notice that some places have changed locations, and are now integrated into other dining halls or are expanded. 

This includes the Juice Bar, the Grill, and a new extension of the Galley, ALL ABOARD pick-up or takeout.

In the case of the old dining halls, the Juice Bar has moved into the Anchor by the ice-cream counter and The Grill has moved into the Upper Deck in
the Lookout. 

The Juice Bar’s menu has remained unchanged, and its hours of operation now align with that of
the Anchor. 

In contrast, The Grill offers more menu options of permanent and weekly specials in addition to the buffet. This will cost an upcharge of $3.50 at the entrance counter to the Upper Deck. 

The Grill moved because of a malfunction in HVAC system, which has left the old location vacant. 

The decision was also influenced by financial concerns because students were not eating at The Grill during its 11am-1pm opening during the week in the prior semesters. 

The movement into the Upper Deck was made in the hopes that it would establish a community atmosphere by having university employees and students eat in the same general vicinity. 

For the time being, there are no plans to place a new dining hall in the old location, but ideas are being discussed.

The Juice Bar was moved to make room for the new ALL Aboard pickup and takeout, an extension of the Galley for late-night eating from 7pm-1am from Wednesday to Sunday. 

The Director of Dining, Mr. Edward Nase, stated that the original idea for this place was to have students either order food there, or use an app to order food ahead of time through the use of their M#. 

Currently, the app is going through a legal process and agreements need to be signed. In the meantime, the phone number 717-871-5932 is the method to order ahead of time.

Additionally, although the food truck has not been seen on campus lately, it will return. According to the Director of Dining Services, Mr. Nase, the two generators for the vehicle are under maintenance in Harrisburg. 

He thinks the Food Truck will be back on campus by the end of September, and hopefully open until Thanksgiving Break if the winter weather does not come early.

Collectively, there have been no significant changes to the Cove, Galley, Cyber Café, Saxby’s, and Starbucks. There locations remain the same, and their menus are similar with some minimal exceptions of recipe additions and replacements. 

Students that feared the removal of certain dining halls need only to rediscover their locations, or await their future operations. 

It is a situation where students will find familiar tastes in both new and old locations.