Tool topples the billboard chart

Heavy metal band, Tool releases highly anticipated album. (Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

Nick Hughes

Opinion Editor

There are few albums that had as much hype as “Fear Inoculum.” Tool, the band responsible for knocking Taylor Swift from the top of the Billboard 100. The Twitter response was expected, Tool has not come out with an album for 13 years since “10,000 Days” back in 2006. 

            This album was masterfully done. It is as close to perfection that Tool has ever been. “Undertow” is the best album and it still might be, but a lot of fans feel “Fear Inoculum” will easily   become one of the top three albums. The band members include Danny Carey on drums, Justin Chancellor on bass, Adam Jones on guitar, and finally, Maynard James Keenan on vocals. 

            Carey has once again proven that he is a master of drum work. The album also has the feeling of more emphasis on drums. The last album “10,000 Days” seemed to focus on Keenan’s vocals, at least it does in the song, “The Pot,” which is one of the few well known singles from the album. The guitar work is masterful yet again and the same can be said of Keenan’s vocals. 

            The biggest aspect of Tool, for a lot of fans, is the bass guitar. One of the best Tool songs ever, “Schism,” features the greatest bass line in the history of music. It would take a lot to impress Tool fans after the “Schism” bassline. 

            Tool did not reach the level of greatness of “Lateralus,” but this album is a close second. It is hard to pinpoint the best song on the album, but the obvious contender is the song, “7empest.” The 15 minute, 36 second masterpiece feels fantastic and has a vibe Tool fans will be familiar with. 

            Lyrically, this album also is a masterpiece of the English language. The topics covered are deep and impactful and makes the listener think about what Keenan is saying with his words. It would take an interview with Keenan himself to ever figure out exactly what he is trying to say, but “Fear Inoculum” is going to provide a lot of content analysis for years to come.

            The great thing about Tool is that each album is great. Each album is also unique, and Tool has proven yet again that they are one of the greatest metal bands ever. The guitar work is an A, the bass is an A, the drums get an A, and the vocals get an A. Sufficient to say, the album gets an A.

            Taylor swift fans may be unhappy with the fact that Tool took the number one spot, but it is well deserved. The album was 13 years in the making and it was worth the wait it took to get it.