Kat Virula
News Editor

The commuter lounge “Club De Ville,” located in room 28 at the Student Memorial Center, has been updated with tremendous new changes. The first change that students may notice is a new eatery option called “Avenue C.” The “C” stands for Canteen, the name of the vendor who runs the market. This eatery is the solution for students who are looking for food options when other dining halls on campus are closed. Geoffrey Beers, CEO and general manager of Student Services Inc. (SSI) and Brian Hazlett, Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management both designed the idea. 

This 24/7 self-service vending area is managed by Canteen Vending Services and includes a self-service coffee station, three racks of potato chips and other snacks; and four refrigerated areas that hold everything from fresh sandwiches and yogurt to juices and frozen  microwavable meals.

“SSI and the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management have been discussing ways to revitalize the area for about a year,” says Beers.

Grabbing your items and paying is quick and easy. There are three ways to pay. Students, faculty and staff can use a credit card at the kiosk; set up an account at the kiosk and then use their email address or fingerprint to add funds to the account; or pay through the Connect & Pay app from the Apple or Google Play Stores on their mobile device. Whichever way you choose to pay, checkout can be completed in 30 seconds or less.

Canteen staff will be on hand to answer any questions about products and food safety. 

Along with this new self-checkout eatery, Club de’Ville now features is a room full of games and consoles for students to engage in. There is a total of three pinball machines and three TV entertainment centers. The entertainment centers have replaced what where the mac desktops used to be. 

The new entertainment centers and eatery have opened up Club de’Ville to more activity within these past few weeks. However, residents and commuters alike have numerous opinions about the renovations of the lounge. Commuter Rachel Ward, a sophomore and graphic and interactive design major, shared some thoughts about the new set up of the lounge,

“I think it’s really cool how the upgraded to how it was before, but I don’t like how they removed all the comfy couches and replaced that empty quiet space for games,” Ward stated. “A lot of commuters, including myself, came here to take naps and do school work 

in between classes and now it has been difficult to try to do either of those because of how busy and loud it has gotten.”

Lindsey Tracy, a senior and Geography and Spatial Planning major, stated,

“While I’m not a fan of all the gaming consoles and whatnot, I do like the addition of the convenience store. They need more seating for studying. I feel like with the gaming setups they had to get rid of a bunch for those couches with the barstools behind them. I don’t wanna sit near people. They also need more outlet space. It’s still super quiet down there which is nice (when games aren’t being played), but they didn’t need all the arcade stuff there. Put it in Gordinier. Commuters want space and peace and quiet. We constantly fight for parking spaces and space for commuters in general. One positive, the $1 coffee is delicious and I love it. People also need to clean up after themselves. The microwave is disgusting and no one is cleaning up after themselves.”

However, Dylan O’Neill, also a sophomore and a psychology major, and Arianna Green, Psychology major and commuter enjoys spending his time at the lounge, “I really enjoy having a new place to hang out and relieve some stress from classes and be with some friends,” he explained. “I also like how there’s a snack bar so I don’t have to the run-up to the Galley to grab a quick snack.” 

“It’s great!” said Green. “I like the TV and the booths. I like how they created a space to do activities and do homework. However, it does get very loud”