Dungeons and Dragons: an overview and where to play

Dungeons and Dragons is a complex game enjoyed by many people. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

Nick Hughes
Opinion Editor

There is a game that is known by many, played by many and not understood by many. Dungeons and Dragons is a game that was made in the 1980s and has been played ever since then. There is a board game club at Millersville University and a lot of DnD takes place on campus. 

Dungeons and Dragons is a social game that requires a person known as a Dungeon Master (DM). The DM runs the game and is responsible for progressing the story of the session. There can be as many players as the party wants and the game is flexible for everyone to have fun to play.

There are plenty of places to play DnD at in Lancaster city and in Lancaster county. One of the newest spots is FarboCo which is right beside central market in Lancaster city. All that must be done to get there is to take the Millersville bus, route 16, to get into the city. Get off at the Fulton bank stop and head east towards central market. Swing around central market’s west side and there you can find FarboCo. FarboCo hosts weekly DnD sessions at three on Sunday afternoons. 

The event is sanctioned DnD sessions and is great for beginners to learn how to play at their own pace. The shop features many experienced DMs and there is always fun to be had there. Inquiring about homebrew games is completely okay. The shop will try to cater to everyone wanting to play. 

FarboCo is not the only place to play DnD, but it is the closest. There is also a club on campus for DnD that meets on Wednesday. Inquire on Get Involved for Millersville University to learn more about the board game club. If Magic the Gathering is more of an interest, the Magic Players of Millersville University meet every Monday at seven in room 202. 

Magic the gathering is a trading card game that originated in 1992 and has been played ever since competitively. There are cards worth millions of dollars and it is a great game to learn how to play. It has been declared the most complex game in the world, but do not let that deter you. It is easy to learn, but hard to master. 

The college experience does not necessarily consider DnD or MTG, but they are both fun and engaging games to play here on Millersville campus.