Chloe Barrett 

Associate New Editor

This fall semester, Millersville University introduced the College of Business to the number of colleges a student can choose from within the university. As said on the Millersville website the College of Business was created to, “transform learners into effective, ethical business professionals, who bring value and are capable of leadership in evolving markets.” 

The choice of bringing the College of Business to Millersville puts the university in good standings with the rest of the business community surrounding Lancaster County. The curriculum will meet the standards of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs,  ACBSP, organization, which accredits business programs focused on teaching and learning. The college will be offering accounting and finance with the department chair, Dr. Eric Blazer. In addition, classes on management and marketing with the department chair, Dr. David DiRusso.

The College of Business vision as found on their website is to, “prepare students for careers and life-long learning, offering value and are characterized by relevance, rigor, and excellence.”

The college seeks to expand the current academic programs they already have standing with bachelor’s degrees, certificate programs, online programs, and other academic programs designed for student success. 

According to the Millersville website, each student attending the College of Business is to develop the ability to integrate across business disciplines, analytical and problem-solving skills, written and oral communication skills, life-long learning and professional skills in their chosen field, high standards of ethics and social responsibility, and a global perspective.

When asked about the College of Business, Chairperson and Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance, Dr. Blazer said, “We are excited about the opportunities the new College of Business provides to grow and develop new programs under the leader of our interim Dean Dr. Frazer.”

The College of Business has a core curriculum that will meet the standards of other business schools around the country as well as prepare students for the workforce. 

The college prides themselves on their ever-changing curriculum, academic advisement, as well as their involvement with various professional associations. 

Millersville alumni, Katherine Martel was very pleased with the choice of introducing the College of Business. When asked about the College of Business, Martel says, “With Millersville University opening their college of business, I believe this is a great choice on their end. Being in the business administration program here at Millersville, the professors who teach are well educated in their topics, and the program is excellent in teaching students how the business world operates. Now having a college of their own will only allow Millersville to provide better education to their students that enroll in their program. Having a college of business allows focus on the program to expand and will only better the future for Millersville University business administration program.”

According to the Millersville website, the College of Business has added core values to its program such as, “accountability, academic freedom, ethical decision-making, diversity in faculty, students and staff, individual interaction between faculty and students.” 

Millersville is taking an entrepreneurial approach to targeting and serving the key needs of industries in the surrounding communities. 

With the introduction of the College of Business, Millersville strives to continue to grow as a university. The college is aspiring to be a top choice for local, regional, and international students. 

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